Branding obsessives

Why yoohoo?

We close our eyes and see branding. We open magazines and see branding. We go to the pictures and see branding. We live and breathe branding for our clients. And being a smaller agency means our clients receive the best personal service we can give. So why us? Branding obsessives + great service and creativity = fantastic results. That’s not a proper equation by the way‚ it’s just true.

How we work

We take a personal interest in wanting to make sure your project is a rip-roaring success, so like to be hands on throughout the branding process‚ whatever the channel. We can be with you every step of the way or do the work in pre-planned stages. Whatever works for you usually works for us.

Clive Spring

Clive Spring

Creative Director

yoohoo is headed up by Clive Spring who has over 30 years‚ experience in both design and running agencies. He has designed and managed almost every type of branding project imaginable across almost every industry.

He is always looking for opportunities to improve creative standards for clients and is passionate about brand integrity always working to exacting standards of consistency.

Clive has had extensive experience of the hospitality and healthcare sectors having worked on projects for Millennium Hotels, Marriott, ibis and Days Inn. His healthcare experience largely covers dentistry where he was responsible for the branding and advertising of the third largest dental group in the UK looking after over 75 dental practices. Other experience includes magazine design and production for the CBI, brand development for the ALG (Association of London Government) and Classified banners for the Daily Telegraph to name a few.

He works closely with the Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce and provides them with brand creation, promotional literature and advertising.

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