Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge

In association with AWA Marketing we were commissioned to design a new brand for the Tangerine Cafe Bar and a Meetings and Events brochure pack.

For the Cafe Bar the hotel wished for something with retro tones. We used browns and orange colours which gave the look a warm inviting feel. The brand logo was carried over signs, glass partition walls, posters, menus and advertising.

The Meetings & Events pack comprised several elements and included a main brochure, menu folder to hold sample menu sheets, a map sheet and hotel plan. We chose to go with a large square format to stand out on the desk when sent to prospective business clients. To house all the content we decided to use a standard gusseted stationery folder but redesign it to have the right level of class with a tab cut closure. The pack was finished in matt laminate and gloss UV varnish panels.