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Cheeky Boy Sauces

Product identity
Print design

The brief

Creating a brand to appeal to both UK and US audiences was never going to be easy!

When Cheeky Booy Sauces approached us they had two different brands, promoting the same product range – creating challenges with marketing and sales, both here and in the States.

We were initially tasked with consolidating the two styles and creating a coherent brand design to appeal to both markets – while keeping the essential elements.

Our team was also asked to design labels, create a website and a “menu ideas” card to support the new look.

The solution

After careful thought, we took elements from both logos and merged them to form a new design, that was fresh and appealing but not too far removed from the originals.

Having consolidated the brand, we then showcased the design principles, to create new-look sauce bottle labels, carefully designed to appeal to both the UK and US markets.

The brand strategy is all about adventure and creativity. Our next challenge was to set about creating a new one-page, brand-awareness website, to act as a transatlantic “shop window” in both countries.

To achieve this, our in-house photographic studio produced new product shots and created a new set of brand-compliant images in a moody style, with creative backgrounds. We offered these in various styles.


Old Cheeky Boy logo image
Old Cheeky Boy US label image


New Cheeky Boy logo image
Pack shot of Berlin 49 sauce bottle.
Pack shot of Yeti sauce bottle.
Pack shot of Hot Mayo sauce bottle.
Pack shot of all three sauce bottles together.