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Rothleys Group

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The brief

Originally, we were asked to design a brand for Rothleys healthcare services, which started by offering a Recovery Suite service for patients.

The business expanded rapidly to include a whole host of healthcare services, ranging from home and post-hospital care to clinical services such as blood and DNA testing.

Our next key task was to design a website, to feature and explain all the services offered by the Rothleys Group. We also created a series of printed collateral, for various promotional purposes.

Rothleys logo design

The solution

For the logo we worked closely with the client and came up with a distinctive design, based on a reef knot.

This was highly symbolic and depicted a line, tightly up against an object, as when tying a bandage. There is also a surgeon’s variation of the knot, so it ties in nicely with healthcare.

The knot concept also demonstrates the tight bond between patients, carers and health professionals – so the symbolism is powerful and clear.

The client wanted the website to reflect Rothley’s calm, reassuring, professional approach to healthcare so we designed it incorporating lighter tones from the brand palette.

As part of the marketing mix, we also designed a series of leaflets and brochures to promote the different service areas, all based on and reinforcing the brand style and ethos.

The feedback has been consistently positive – always great to hear!

Rothleys logo design
Image of Rothleys business card design
Responsive website design displayed on laptop, tablet and phone.